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Sega runs coast to coast

Outrun registration brings hope of sunny new sequel to beach-blazing racer

Being stuck firmly in the middle of Central London's traffic vortex, we can only dream of slapping our bare thighs on some hot leather and careening off along the coast in our bright red Ferrari's, while the salty sea air ruffles our flowing locks and power rock blasts from the stereo.

Barring some kind of lottery miracle though, our sun-bleached racing fantasies are firmly confined to another tire-squeeling turn on Outrun 2 for the time being. So, imagine our delight when we caught wind of rumours suggesting Sega is planning a sequel to the vacationy vroomer.

It turns out that keen-eyed internet folk have spotted a trademark registration for something called Outrun: Coast to Coast on the US Patents Office website, filed by Sega Japan on July 26.

While we're stuck speculating what this might be for now (the only information we've currently got to go on is that it's a "videogame" - thank you US Patents Office), our imaginary gearsticks are gripped in the hope that Sega's strong ties to Microsoft birth a fully-fledged next-gen sequel to last year's Xbox Outrun 2.

We'll be dreaming of fast cars and pinocaladas while we wait for some official word from Sega.