New PoP3 screens to con-sultan

Faster than a magic carpet, deadlier than a barbed wire thong

Hot on the heels of our latest Prince of Persia 3 impressions last week, we've wrapped our turbans around some brand new screens dmonstrating everybody's favourite acrobatic Arabian showing off his new-fangled Speed Kill capabilities.

To save you the bother of reading our frankly excellent and insightful preview (shame on you), Speed Kills are one of the many new features Ubisoft has slung into its exotic broth of additions to the franchise's third iteration. According to the company, Speed Kills enable "you to perform very dramatic moves that take your enemy down in a single shot [and] require excellent timing and reflexes but are hugely rewarding".


From what we've seen so far, Speed Kills play an important role in the title's newly implemented stealth sections and help both the normal Prince and his Dark incarnation get the upper hand against enemies that would otherwise clobber you to a pulp.

Prince of Persia 3 is set to slash onto all major formats at the end of the year - in the meantime, why not check out the new shots on this page?