Commandos Strike Force on point

Eidos/SCi unleashes new screenshots and a movie from its kitbag

We were beginning to get a little concerned that Commandos Strike Force, the FPS spin-off from the WWII strategy series Commandos, had gone MIA while on operations behind enemy lines; but new screenshots and footage from the title parachuting in today prove that the title is still stomping around in its combat boots as it readies itself for action.

Set in war-torn Europe, Commandos Strike Force finds players conducting missions behind enemy lines in Norway, France and Russia. The strike force of the title consists of the Green Beret, Sniper and Spy from Pyro Studio's strategy games and players will be able to take control of each character and utilise their particular strengths to successfully complete objectives.


Commandos Strike Force is in development for PC, Xbox and PS2 and is now expected toward the end of 2006.

Commandos Strike Force movie
Download here (22.1Mb, AVI)