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Mario Kart DS dated in UK

Nintendo racer zips over the finish line in November. Plus: new screens inside

As part of its Leipzig news blitz, Nintendo has revealed that Mario Kart DS will be squealing into European stores on November 11.

Mario Kart DS is one of two Nintendo titles set to take advantage of the company's new wi-fi online service, the other being Animal Crossing DS (which, by the way, will be great if the E3 demo was anything to go by). However, while Nintendo's US arm preps for the service's planned autumn stateside roll-out - feel free to check out the official American ad, featuring a sweaty man munching a banana - no official announcement has been made regarding a date for a European launch.

Hopefully we'll have some good news from Nintendo soon, but in the meantime, salivate over the new Mario Kart DS screens on this page - we're particularly loving the track that looks like it's based on the original SNES game title screen. Honk.