THQ gets PAL-ly with Psychonauts

Madcap action-adventure gem heading to PAL territories thanks to THQ

THQ is to slap PAL territories silly with Double Fine Productions' quirky and ingenious action-adventure Psychonauts courtesy of an international sales and distribution agreement struck with Majesco.

Under the agreement, THQ will sell and distribute a total of 14 Majesco titles for current-gen console, handheld and PC platforms over a two year period in all PAL territories, with Psychonauts being joined by the likes of Jaws Unleashed, Nanostray, Aeon Flux and Age of Empires 2 and Black & White Creatures.

Psychonauts should see a release on PC, PS2 and Xbox on these shores, the game making those who have played it collapse in a babble of praise. The title's the creation of Tim Schafer (designer on Grim Fandango and Full Throttle) and chucks players into the role of Psychonaut Raz who has the ability to transport himself into the minds of others.

Raz is on a quest to thwart a mad scientist who has been abducting students from the Psychonaut boot camp, with our hero able to battle evil with a tasty set of paranormal powers - like telekinesis, fire starting and clairvoyance. Oh, and that ability to launch himself telepathically into someone else's mind and run around in their imagination.

No release dates have been confirmed for the titles to be distributed by THQ as yet.