Free entry to The Movies!

Lionhead gives US gamers a sneak preview of the main feature

Anyone feverishly awaiting Lionhead's blockbuster-building opus, The Movies, will get the chance to slam that clapper board shut sooner than expected thanks to a special pre-order promotion, in the US at least.

Activision has announced that eager Spielberg wannabes will receive a copy of Lionhead's StarMaker kit, once they've placed their advance orders in-store. The standalone software lets you mold your own virtual starlet in preparation for your little screen directing debut, when the PC version of The Movies hits shelves in a few months.

Apparently, the programme gives you full control over the look of your budding Brando, letting you morph his (or her) every last inch, including facial features (with fifty selectable heads available, covering all manner of different nationalities and races) and skin tones. Once you've constructed the perfect Hollywood pin-up, it's just a matter of twiddling your thumbs until the final game is released, before you can yell "Action!".

We contacted Activision to see if the company plans to run a similar promotion when The Movies opens in Europe later this year, but no information was available at the time of writing.