Codemasters brings MMOG RF Online West

Eastern sci-fi/fantasy massively multiplayer online title heading our way

Codemasters' internally developed MMORPG Dragon Empires may have flown off into the sunset but the company is proving it's by no means hung up its massively multiplayer online spurs with the announcement that it's bringing Eastern MMOG RF Online to Western shores.

Describing RF Online as "stunning" and a "huge hit" (in the East presumably) Codemasters says of the MMOG that players can "play as one of three races - the Cora, a mystical, magical elf-like race, or as the Bellato, a race that have mastered engineering and as a result have built and can drive mechs! You can also play as the deadly Accretians, a race of robots that have incredible technology, futuristic weapons and driven by their desire for destruction and power."

War in RF Online is apparently never too far away and it sounds as though much of the action revolves around realm versus realm or faction versus faction fighting as groups battle for control of resource mines on the planet on which the game is set.

We're expecting more info on Codemasters plans for RF Online soon (and indeed more info on the game itself) but in the meantime you might like to take a peek at this website where if you can decipher the language we're sure there's reams of details to digest.