Fight Night 3 on Xbox 360 (punching) out Q1 2006

EA stepping into the next-gen ring with Xbox 360 boxing sequel, 360 version beating PS3 iteration to the punch

Fight Night Round 3, EA's super-realistic next-gen sequel in its highly regarded boxing series, is to strap on gloves and step into the Xbox 360 ring in Q1 2006 according to a report on IGN.

A Q1 2006 release, if accurate, means that Round 3 on Xbox 360 will almost definitely - like really without a doubt, as sure as eggs is eggs - hit before the PS3 iteration which has certainly raised a few eyebrows, especially as a Fight Night Round 3 vid was used to great effect to give an impression of the power of PS3 tech at this year's E3.

We can absolutely guarantee you Fight Night Round 3 will involve some of the finest and most brutal boxing action you'll ever witness, and for visual proof why not splurge a few moments checking out the gob-smacking (quite literally) movie below.

Fight Night next-gen movie
Download here (3.36Mb, WMV)