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Codies delivers RF Online screens, info

New stuff on the Korean PC MMORPG that Codemasters is bringing West, which we announced yesterday

Codemasters has shuffled over further info and a few screenshots from RF Online, the MMORPG hailing from Korea that the Britsoft company has recently signed up for Western (UK and the US) action.

RF Online (standing for Rising Force Online, apparently) blends fantasy and sci-fi in a persistent world that we're reliably informed features "the most epic battles ever seen in a MMO role-playing game". Novus galaxy is the setting for these epic battles and players sign up to one of three factions battling for control of known space.

Each faction or race in RF Online boasts unique characters, skills and abilities. Join the ranks for the Bellato Union and you'll take control of their 'Mech battle units. Plump for the Holy Alliance Cora and you become part of a mystical and fantasy-orientated race. Or sign up to the Accretia Empire and get involved with the robotic race intent on pillaging resources and spreading devastation across the entire Novus sector with their advanced weapon systems.


So it's pretty much a player versus player bag here by the sounds of it and we're assured that "RF Online will deliver a unique approach" to PvP. Codemasters goes on to say that "Full-scale battles break out daily as thousands of players engage in deadly wars - the reward of victory is high: the winning race gains control of the game world's most valuable mine and its precious resources."

RF Online will launch in Q1 2006 and will be published and operated in the US and the UK by Codemasters Online Gaming, the company's recently formed online entertainment division.