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Ancel drops Beyond Good & Evil sequel hints

Follow-up to the cult classic still on the mind of its creator. Several fans in the office dance in the streets

Ask those who have played action-adventure Beyond Good & Evil what they thought of the game and 99.9-percent will tell you it's a cracker. Born from the brain of Michel Ancel, the title was applauded by critics too but sales figures failed to cause a significant ripple, so much so that Ubisoft said that was that for the product. But recent comments from Ancel suggest that a sequel just may see the light of day.

Beyond Good & Evil was originally expected to be a trilogy and, clarifying this to a certain extent when speaking to our sister mag Edge, recently Ancel admitted that he wrote the BG&E story "to be longer". He went on to say that "it would be good to finish" the BG&E storyline although revealing - and here get your hankies ready - that currently "we have no plans for that".

Still, Ancel added that "If we make a sequel to BG&E, it would have a lot of advantage because of the time we've spent on King Kong," (Ancel is working on Ubisoft's Peter Jackson's King Kong videogame) by which we assume he means that some of the tasty techniques applied to the development of the rather decent looking movie tie-in could easily be introduced into a new BG&E game - if it ever happens.