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Prince of Persia

PoP's executive producer interrogated as Ubisoft prepares to unleash the concluding part of the trilogy

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Does the re-introduction of the 'storytelling' narrative structure signal an attempt to get back to the emotional depth of The Sands Of Time?

Yannis Mallat: POP3 storytelling will be different from its two predecessors. There will be both voice-over narration and dramatic, memorable cinematic moments. We'll also be placing more emphasis on overheard conversations - things characters say to one another when they don't realise the Prince is around. This will enable us to bring back a lot of the wit and humour that was in The Sands Of Time.

Everyone has a favourite Prince Of Persia move. Mine is cleaving zombies in half from behind, or perhaps spinning around a pole. Which is yours?


Yannis Mallat: Mine has got to be the counter-retrieve. You know, when you block and retrieve at the last second before your swords clash? Also, countering the big enemies several times in a row back in The Sands Of Time was a pure joy.

I'm not sure if you know this, but the ending of The Sands Of Time, in which the Prince covers up his unwanted snog with Farah through time-trickery, was included as one of our top 50 moments in gaming. How did you come up with it?

Yannis Mallat: The stolen kiss gag is a good one all right, mainly because it's simple and unexpected at the same time. As far as I remember, as a team we were fantasizing as what we could do with the Dagger of Time and its power to rewind time. And if you put eight guys in a room brainstorming on a topic like that, then trust me... you end up with a stolen kiss gag. If not more.

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