The Perfect (Dark Zero) limited edition?

Joanna Dark's pants stuffed with more than just a pistol in a limited edition package

As we were prodding a half-eaten cheese sandwich around the desk to test out the laws of friction it came to our attention that e-tailer EB Games has splurged details on a limited edition of Perfect Dark Zero that's included in its Xbox 360 retail packages.

Accompanying the game disc and manual are numerous extras that might, or might not, have hardcore Perfect Dark fans squealing with excitement. On a bonus disc in the limited edition you get a video feature called The Art of Perfect Dark Zero, the game's Kepi & Kat music track, PDZ Gamer Tiles that you can use to soup up your ID on Xbox Live, a PDZ skin for the 360 user interface and finally chapter one of the novel Perfect Dark: Initial Vector.

Additionally, the limited edition set features a Perfect Dark Zero Glyph Card (collectible, apparently) and a special edition PDZ comic booklet called Hong Kong Sunrise.

We've yet to ascertain whether Perfect Dark Zero Limited Edition will make it to UK shores but we suppose we'll let you know if we hear anything to that effect. As long as you pay us first.