More Resi 4 can't be Wong

Capcom cranks up the tension with a brand new bonus mission for Resident Evil 4's PS2 appearance

As Resident Evil 4's PS2 debut draws nearer, brand new gameplay details have emerged, courtesy of Famitsu magazine in Japan - oh, and by the way, there may be spoilers ahead.

Firstly, Resi fans are in for a whopping slab of additional content in the form of a lengthy bonus mission which appears to be titled 'Separate Ways'. The new scenario (which is included alongside the GameCube's 'Assignment Ada' operation) follows Resi 4 heroine, Ada Wong, in a side quest running parallel to Leon's adventures in the main game. Capcom are promising that many of the original story's unresolved issues will be addressed and Ada's relationship with key characters will be deepened.

Apparently 'Separate Ways' follows Leon's original path through the village and church environments before branching off into brand new locations - many of which are only accessible using Ada's grappling gun. Unlike the main game, the traveling weapons merchant won't be putting in an appearance for the lass - instead, Ada is fully equipped with all of Leon's maxed out artillery from the off.

More details of the game's new weapon, the PLR 412 have been revealed too. The Parasite Removal Laser becomes available approximately two thirds of the way through the game and packs a hefty punch with its long-range electrical discharges. It's promising to be a whopper of a weapon too, taking up the same inventory space as the shotgun and requiring a reload after every blast.

While we wait with growing excitement for the game's PS2 release, Resi fans might want to check out the new official Japanese website for Capcom's recently announced DS Biohazard: Deadly Silence. There's not too much on it at the moment, but it should reassure everyone worried about the game's graphical quality following the circulation of some dodgy in-game scans across the web.