True Crime: New York City

The top-secret follow-up to True Crime LA has flown east to the Big Apple

The top-secret follow-up to True Crime: Street of LA has risen from the hellish smog and flown east to the Big Apple. And why is that good news, we hear you ask? Well, for a start, the city that never sleeps will be easier to navigate thanks to it being tiny compared to the sprawling concrete playground of Los Angeles. This also means you'll spend less time driving around the ocean-sized city and more time fighting crime.

True Crime: New York City will be based solely in the Manhattan Island district. It'll look better for it too, as developer Luxoflux hasn't wasted years recreating every window, billboard and alleyway like they did in the original. A smaller city means more time to make it look good.


Just like the original, True Crime: New York City will let you wander in and out of almost any building in the name of the law. The good cop/bad cop dynamic has also been tweaked, and every action star Marcus Reed does will be reflected in his reputation rating. You'll also be able to go undercover to get closer to your prime suspects, and all this will affect your relationships with the other characters in the game as you fight crime in a traditional mission-based structure. True Crime: New York City will also go head-to-head with Driver 4 in the best-game-set-in-New-York stakes. And who cares about the Olympics when your city can stage the hottest names in crime games? More soon...