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Everybody's Golf

Everyboy's Golf is here to play a-round, geddit? See? Oh why do we bother...

Cute, colourful and extremely attractive to look at, the clue's in the title on this one and Everybody's Golf plays a near perfect round for general gamers, that could yet take big golf daddy Tiger Woods PGA Tour, to the cleaners.

With gameplay that's perfectly adapted to a portable game system, Everybody's Golf allows you to squeeze in up to nine holes on a short train journey and is full of attractive looking Japanese-style animated characters that will set your golfing instincts twitching.

The control system for aiming and timing your swing is virtually perfect and when you add in a huge system of unlockable content which includes new clothes, clubs and a whole wealth of golfing goodness, this one goes straight to the head of the leader board.


That's only half the story though, because like most PSP titles, the real fun is to be had in multiplayer, with a civilised round with up to four of your mates available via Wi-Fi and plenty of challenges and tournaments to compete in.

The verdict

It's almost shocking to relate but Everybody's Golf is potentially a Tiger Woods beater. Is the Tiger about to be toppled?

PlayStation Portable