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MediEvil: Resurrection

Sir Daniel Fortesque kicks out of the crypt for some shamelessly old-skool hack 'n slash action

It's ironic that a game featuring a jawless, semi-putrid swash-buckling skeleton is essentially the re-animated gaming carcass of a 1999 PSone title.

Despite its graphical whizz, great script and voice acting, there's not a lot here that would suggest six years of gaming advancements have passed since MediEvil's original appearance. Still, if largely repetitive retro arcade hack 'n slash action busts your bone, you might get some mileage out of this one - especially given it's somewhat unique flavour amongst the other titles in the PSP launch line-up.

It gets a nod for featuring Tom Baker's dulcet tones in its cut-scenes - it's just a shame the camera, controls and all-round gameplay aren't better though.

The verdict

Brave Sir Dan - fun, if repetitive and shamelessly old-skool hack 'n slash action is your bag of bones

PlayStation Portable
Sony - Studio Cambridge
Sony Computer Entertainment