Thrill the world with your home Movies

Turn your directing genius into an online all-star classic with a captive audience at Lionhead's The Movies Online service

Lionhead and Activision have today officially announced The Movies Online service for their upcoming blockbuster builder, The Movies.

Found at the game's official site, budding Bruckheimers and John Waters wannabes will be able to upload their cinematic creations for the world to view, rate and presumably, take the eternal piss out of - a bit like our own forums, but with less casual swearing, probably.

You'll also be able to set up your own virtual studio, pimping your various movie monstrosities around for viewing by fellow gamers. Lionhead is also promising regular award ceremonies ("THS MUVEE SUX"), a Prop Shop and a veritable back lot of special downloads and stuff and that.

The Movies Online service is set to launch alongside the game when it's released for the PC later this year. The Movies is also expected on current-gen console.

That's a wrap!