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Get a peek at Sega's baby maker

New Project Rub sequel details, screens and movies pop into the world via Sega's official website

In anticipation of its forthcoming rub-'em up sequel, Where Do Babies Come From?, Sega has spread its legs and pushed out a beautiful bouncing bounty of new details and distractions on the game's official Japanese website.

Alongside various character bios and gameplay details (which probably aren't going to be of much interest if you don't read Japanese), Sega has squeezed out a brand new bunch of screens and movies.

What's more, if you perservere around the site enough, you can flex your mouse hand over a couple of mini-games that may or may not put in an appearance when Where Do Babies Come From? (or Akachan wa Doko Kara Kuru no? as it'll be known) hits Japanese stores on October 20.