Win! TOCA and Colin McRae PSP! And a PSP!

Lack of a PSP driving you mental? We're here to help

Sony's PSP has now launched in Europe - just in case you were unaware of that fact - and supporting the launch game line-up BritSoft outfit Codemasters has unleashed handheld versions of two of its killer franchises: TOCA and Colin McRae. Offering their individual series' trademark gameplay in the palm of your hand, both titles are most definitely worth investigating if pushing virtual pedal to the medal gets your petrol juices frothing.

But why not get both games for free? And come to that, why not get a free PSP too? Well, thanks to our fab competition you can do just that as we've teamed up with Codemasters to give away a PSP and copies of TOCA 2 and Colin McRae 2005 as cool competition prizes. First prize is the PSP plus a copy of TOCA 2 and Colin McRae 2005 (and a t-shirt!) and we also have two runners-up prizes consisting of a copy of one of the two games - of your choice - and one of them t-shirts.


Have a stab at the question below, and should you get it right then a prize could be winging its way to you soon. When entering your name in the field below, please indicate which of the two games you'd like to win in brackets after ,which will be mighty helpful in the event of you being a runner-up. For example: John Smith (TOCA 2).