Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Based on the delightful children's story about a factory-owning hermit who invites some kids into his home with promises of candy before systematically maiming and brutalising them, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is the game to accompany the recently released Depp-laden movie from Tim Burton.

Placing you in the shoes of Charlie himself, the game sets you the task of completing various mini-games based around either collecting ingredients or rescuing the unfortunate individuals the deranged Mr Wonka has taken a dislike to. Of course, being aimed squarely at kids means that the mini-games are extremely simplistic and that even little Toby with his pie-like dexterity will have no trouble navigating Wonka's factory.


The ominous Willy Wonka himself, whether it was intended or not, looks and sounds disturbingly like Michael Jackson, and his army of Oompa Loompa slaves are no longer the orange-skinned and green-haired midgets we know and love.

Admittedly these are issues that came about with Tim Burton's retelling of the tale, but they filter down into the realm of badly made movie tie-in games where I, as a PCZ peon, have the power to criticize them. Quite why children aren't terrified of Wonka's murderous tendencies and purple outfit is beyond me, but this will only really be enjoyed by young sugar-addled Wonka fans.

The verdict

A not so golden ticket