US gushes over Nintendo's puppies

Every single person in North America rushes out the front door and buys a copy of Nintendogs at the same time

If proof of Nintendogs' universal appeal was needed, we drunkenly whipped out a DS at a bar last night and ended up flanked by a roomful of strangers all demanding that Jimmy, our Yorkshire Terrier, rolled over, repeatedly, again and again. Needless to say, he didn't, or wouldn't, and ended up having a poo on the pavement instead.

If you're more discerning in your pursuit of evidence, then these latest figures released by Nintendo should convince you that the furry little buggers are about to rise up and take over the world, cocking their heads in that strangely endearing way before leaping out of the screen and cheerfully beating PSP owners to death with their huge freak-chemical-accident-mutated polygons tails - or something.

Anyway, in its first week since hitting North American shelves, Nintendogs has managed to shift over a quarter of a million units, making it the best-selling new handheld franchise ever, according to Nintendo. That quarter of a million copies apparently equates to over fifteen percent of all DS owners in the States, which is possibly quite impressive but we don't really have anything to compare it to right at this minute - on the one hand, if fifteen percent of us was made of solid gold, that would be a good thing. On the other, if we only had fifteen percent of our clothes on, other people in the office might not be so chuffed.

As a friendly reminder, Nintendogs is released in Europe on October 7 - go out and buy it because it's ace. Also, if you ask nicely, we might take some pictures of Jimmy and put them up later.