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Fable: The Lost Chapters

Lead script writer Mike West turns reveals all on the Xbox version of Fable: TLC

Fable: The Lost Chapters or Fable TLC as it's affectionately known, is something of a controversial title around these parts. While we all pretty much loved the scope and ambition of the original game, there were more than a few moans from Fable veterans who feel they had a bone or two to pick with Lionhead and Big Blue Box's epic RPG.

What about the ending? What about all those hidden areas? Why weren't they included in the original game? We want more! They cry.

"Because we wanted to get it out" is Lionhead's inevitable reply and a fair point it is too, but with just a month to go now before Fable roars onto PC and Xbox and in an effort to silence the bitter and twisteds, Lionhead has made a real effort and more than a few concessions to offer Fable hacks a really new experience the second time around in what can be considered the Director's Cut version of the game.


Fable TLC is almost a third bigger and comes at a bargain twenty quid, so you certainly do get your groat's worth including a whole new content to explore in the northern wastes, new missions, new creatures, new quests, new headwear, the game's epic original finale fully restored and of course the services of that now near legendary brothel. If you want to know more on the PC version check out our extensive coverage here.

We tracked down Lionhead's Lead Scripter Mike West gives us the low down on a new chapter in the Fable universe and what it'll mean for Xbox vets.

So, come on then, tell us the truth - this is the Fable you wanted to release all along, isn't it?

Mike West : We're very happy with what we achieved with Fable, but Fable: The Lost Chapters really allowed the development team to refine and tweak what we had as well as cramming in some more ideas, and at an Xbox Classics price for Xbox players.

Well dodged! Anyway, tell us everything about all the new features we can expect to see in Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Mike West : The Lost Chapters includes a bunch of new quests, new story segments and other smaller vignettes, bringing the world of Albion even more to life. We've also added new regions, new spells, new creatures, new weapons, armour and clothing, including some very natty headgear.

We hear the mysterious Northern Wastes area is playable this time around...

Mike West : The Northern Wastes is a new continent all on its own, and can initially only be reached by ship. It was cut off from the mainland many years ago, and as the name suggests, is a frozen wasteland inhabited by previously unseen nasty wildlife. Areas of interest among the snowy mountains include the village of Snowspire, the spooky Necropolis and the mysterious Bronze Gate.


We hear Jack of Blades isn't the nastiest bad guy this time around either. Is it true you've got a dragon up your sleeves for the bigger finale?

Mike West : Shhh! Someone reading this might not have played the original Fable...

D'oh! Jack better not be the finale now, then...

Mike West : Don't worry - Jack of Blades was a pretty nasty piece of work, but in Fable: The Lost Chapters the story now continues after you meet him. Obviously anything you will meet after him is going to be more than a little bit tricky...

Is the Xbox version of Fable: The Lost Chapters the same as the PC version or are we going to be seeing even more new content?

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