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Perfect Dark Zero Collector's Edition debuts

Joanna Dark's Xbox 360 adventures bumped up with special Limited Collector's Edition

Perfect Dark Zero, the prequel to the fantastic Perfect Dark and one of Microsoft's flagship titles for the Xbox 360 launch, is to get a special shiny black metal boxed Limited Collector's Edition when it debuts later this year.

Just like the Halo 2 boxed set, the Perfect Dark Zero Limited Collector's Edition will come crammed with a horde of extra goodies for fans of the series, including a special 'making of' video feature with behind the scenes footage from PDZ creators, Rare.

There's also one of nine Holographic Glyph Card collectibles - whatever those are - plus an exclusive track called Limelight from San Fran's DJ Kepi & Kat, which features in the game's original soundtrack.

Online you'll be able to show your true PDZ colours with Perfect Dark Zero pics for your Xbox Live gamer card, a PDZ theme for the Xbox guide and for those of you who want to extend the adventure even further, the first chapter from Perfect Dark: Initial Vector, Greg Rucka's novel set six months after the game's epic conclusion.

Sounds like a pretty decent bunch of bonus goodies to us, but there're no details yet on price or release date for the UK. Hardly surprising really since it'd tip us the wink on the system's release date itself, a secret so closely guarded, it's rumoured to have been written only on Bill Gates' inner thigh. Or something.

More on PDZ, the limited edition, as it arrives.