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End of Ages?

Well maybe not, but Ensemble's Bruce Shelley hints that the strategy-meisters are certainly heading in a new direction

Age of Empires has been one of the PCs most popular and enduring strategy series and with Age of Empires III appearing before the end of the year, Age fans are in for a fresh challenge in one of the most beautiful looking strategy games we've ever beheld.

However Ensemble's head honcho Bruce Shelley has hinted in an exclusive interview with C&VG, that Age III could be the last strategy game in the series, at least for a while. In an interview which we'll publish in full later today, Shelley, sounding a little weary concludes by saying that: "We want to do new kinds of games and do new and different things. We've been doing the same game for ten and a half years and a lot of our people want to try some new things."

So could this be the end of the all conquering PC strategy series? Well perhaps not, as Age has a huge and highly dedicated fan base, which Ensemble won't want to disappoint but Age III will almost certainly will be the last Age of Empires game for a while.

Shelley went on to state that Ensemble will be heading in a completely new direction with its next game and commented: "We haven't announced anything and we don't really have anything in development, but we're experimenting and we're building some new prototypes. My guess is the next game we publish will be something different, something completely unexpected."

Keep an eye open for the full Age of Empires III interview appearing on C&VG later today.