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Driver: Parallel Lines - first screens

Gunplay, mashed up cars and a geezer in sunglasses - cast your eyes on the carnage inside

Atari sent over first screenshots from new Driver venture Parallel Lines earlier today and so here they are uploaded to this page.

Driver: Parallel Lines is in development for PC, PS2 and Xbox and is due next year. The game drops you into 1970s New York City and the shoes of a character known as The Kid. Focus in the sequel is said to be predominantly on driving although on-foot sections will feature and we're promised an open mission structure coupled with a central storyline.

Want more? Further information on Driver: Parallel Lines can be found here. We've not been informed which version of the game the screenshots are actually from - looks like a bit of a mixture to us, but then we are all getting on a bit and our eyes ain't what they used to be.