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New GTAs as Hot Coffee burns Take-Two

Take-Two Interactive unveils its end-of-quarter earnings after US San Andreas recall and hints at new GTA titles next year

In its end-of-quarter earnings report, Take-Two Interactive has revealed a loss of USD 28.8 million for its financial quarter ending July 31 2005.

As the parent company of controversial Rockstar, analysts had predicted Take-Two could experience a loss of up to USD 40 million, following the Hot Coffee scandal which led to the company recalling all copies of GTA: San Andreas after its ESRB rating was raised from Mature to the US store-bothering Adults Only.

While the financial figures unveiled are likely to drive accountant across the world into a numerical frenzy, we're more interested in the other juicy morsels regarding Take-Two's line-up for the coming year, slipped casually amongst the mathematics.

First the bad news - Rockstar's brat-'em-up, Bully, has slipped from this year's release schedule and is now due to surf into stores on a wave of undoubted controversy sometime between February and April next year. However, anyone excessively disappointed by the slippage of gaming's answer to Grange Hill should take solace in the fact that Take-Two has announced a sequel to another unspecified Rockstar game, due to hit shelves in Q3 2006 - Manhunt or Red Dead Revolver 2, anyone?

Probably of far more interest to everyone in the entire world though, given the series' astonishing popularity, is the news that 2006 will also see "extensions of the Grand Theft Auto franchise" appearing on currently unannounced platforms. Feel free to speculate on just what these might entail down there in the forums. We'd do it for you but one of us has to go put our fork in the sink.