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Ubisoft has rescued ace-looking vampire western Darkwatch from limbo!

Always up for mixing unorthodox genres, Ubisoft has rescued ace-looking vampire western Darkwatch from publishing limbo and is unleashing this terrifying blaster on an unsuspecting public next month.

Players assume the role of Jericho Cross, an outlaw who foolishly decides to hold up the wrong train - one that belongs to the Darkwatch, an ancient society that has protected mankind from evil for centuries. Unluckier still, Jericho manages to not only free head Vampire Lazarus, but get himself bitten in the process. The chaps-sporting clutz. Lazarus is a tad miffed at his eternal incarceration, and unleashes a wave of evil that awakens the undead everywhere.


What this all is really an excuse for, however, is the onslaught of hundreds of beastly minions for you to blast your way through. Jericho packs a mean arsenal of dual pistols, shotguns, crossbows and rocket launchers, while excellent Havok physics make blowing an enemy's limbs off one by one an art form. Players aren't just limited to running around on foot either, as they can hop on tons of different vehicles, and of course your trusty, demonic steed. This fearsome beast can be summoned at any point during certain levels; ideal for getting out of a tight spot.

The plus point of being cursed for all eternity, if there is one, are Jericho's new found Vampire abilities. Able to sustain far more damage than a regular human, your blood shield must be replenished with the leftovers of the zombie scum you've just wasted, though it's tempting to sink your teeth into your lovely female sidekick every now and then. Far cooler is your Blood Vision. Just click the R thumbstick for a blood's eye view, where you can easily identify enemies and take them down with one shot.

Darkwatch is a title begging to be given a good multiplayer going over, and luckily Ubisoft has delivered. Catering for up to four players split screen and 16 over Link or Live, the mix of weapons, abilities and gothic maps should make for an addictive shooter.