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Res Evil 5

A new evil lurks on your next generation console and no-one does it better than Capcom

Zombie games are great, and no one does 'em better than Capcom, the maestro of survival horror. Why Resident Evil 4, one of the scariest and best games ever, never came out on Xbox is a mystery, but Capcom's making amends by bringing the big number five to Xbox 360.

The game was easily the biggest shock announcement at the recent Japanese Xbox 360 show and, although it's still some way from completion, it already looks incredible.

Shunning the old tried-and-tested 'spooky mansion/castle in a forest formula', Resident Evil 5 takes place in a bone-dry, sun-bleached desert city. It seems an unusual choice, because the series has always relied on hiding monsters in the dark to build tension. Thankfully, there will still be plenty of creepy dark buildings to explore, not to mention a few monsters that have new and unexpected ways of hiding themselves.


We're pretty sure the protagonist is going to be Chris Redfield, but what we're really itching to find out is whether the Umbrella Corporation will rise like a phoenix and if there'll be zombies or more intelligent parasitic slaves like in Resi 4. But whatever happens, we anticipate the monsters will be tougher and even uglier than ever. And just look at Chris's photorealistic face to see how much of a graphical leap this is going to be.

Resident Evil 5 will share its core gameplay with the prequel but, aside from that, very few details have trickled from Capcom's bloodbath. Don't sleep easy just yet though - we'll be bringing you more of the horror from Resi 5 just as soon as it shambles out of the shadows.