Konami confirms PES5 online details

Reveal your dribbling skills to everyone around the globe as latest in the best sports game ever devised heads online

Konami of Europe has confirmed online details for PC, PS2 and Xbox versions of forthcoming CVG 'Most Wanted' title Pro Evolution Soccer 5, while reminding us that the PSP version of the latest instalment in the series will sport wi-fi multiplayer.

PES5 online on PC, PS2 and Xbox supports up to four players in matches and will also "facilitate leagues between friends from all over the world", says Konami of Europe. And that's pretty much it. Oh, hold on, there's a quote coming...

Konami of Europe is also "delighted that Pro Evolution Soccer 5 is heading online", states Hans-Joachim Amann, head of product management at the company. He continues: "Sports games are ideal online fare, and we have worked hard to ensure that the skill and playability of Pro Evolution Soccer 5 have not been compromised in its multi-player online modes."

Keep eyes peeled for Pro Evolution Soccer 5 next month.