The Godfather

Being a successful mobster is all about managing relationships

"We're taking the extra time to make sure that we release a great game," EA explained during a recent Godfather presentation at EA's San Francisco HQ. The demo also revealed some actual gameplay rather than teasing us with more cutscenes, and you won't be at all surprised to read that it looks like a cross between Mafia and Grand Theft Auto. But then what did you expect?

Before you begin your reign of organised terror over 1940s New York City, you get to create your own mob face, using a revamped version of the technology featured in EA's Tiger Woods titles. But that's not the only piece of code snatched from other EA games. NYC has been populated with plenty of NPCs to 'interact' with (read 'beat up and rob'), and the technology powering their behaviour patterns is from The Sims, of all things.


Using The Sims' 'motive-driven' behaviour mechanic, each non-player character you come across will act in a different way to the various situations they're presented with. If you walk around the streets with your gun on display, most people will run away, although some might fancy themselves as a tough guy and heckle you, while others, such as cops or rival mobsters, will attack you. After all, being a successful mobster is all about managing relationships. The Godfather is shaping up nicely, especially for die-hard fans of the movies and books. More soon.