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TOCA look at this new info and screens!

TOCA 3 set to sort the Michael Schumachers from the Penelope Pitstops thanks its fancy new physics engine

The TOCA series has always been known for it's ability to make the world's most beautiful cars look ugly. Not in a graphical sense, but in its real world damage physics. What's more, as TOCA Race Driver 3 prepares to squeal off the starting grid early next year, Codemasters is touting the racer's brand new advanced Terminal Damage Engine as having the most advanced and realistic damage physics ever.

We're promised flourises as detailed as individual tyres ripping to shreds as you take a corner too sharply, hit the gravel and slip into a spin. If you're unlucky, the resulting skid can even knock your front and rear axels out of alignment. Want more chaos? Try slamming on the accelerator, forget to shift from first gear and you could be looking at an overheated engine, knackered cooling system and a slow, juddering halt to a standstill while every single spectator around the track points and laughs.


Don't be scared though, we're sure it'll be as playable as the last TOCA, and of course, look even spankier than the stunning screenshots on this page when it's moving.

TOCA Race Driver 3 is scheduled to appear on Xbox, PS2 and PC, crossing the finish line in April 2006.