Unlimited screens from Atari's Test Drive

Okay, so there's only one screen but it's a good 'un. Click clickety click to see it. Oh, it's from TGS too

As the letters T, O, K and Y keys strain under our frantic keystrokes and the keyboard starts to elicit strange 'boing' noises, Atari releases a screenshot for Test Drive Unlimited - from, yup, you-know-where.

Offering more than 125 licensed vehicles with realistically modelled brands such as Lamborghini and Jaguar, there's a lot of promise packed into Atari's Xbox 360 title. Apparently though, customisation is key, with the game featuring literally ba-zillions of add-ons and accessories from manufacturer's catalogues. You've also got the ability to purchase new houses and garages to store your dream machines too, severely covering all possible bases.

A release date hasn't been confirmed yet but we'd imagine an early 2006 release wouldn't be too far off the radar. You'll probably be able to buy one of those for your motor too.