Shadow The Hedgehog screens spin!

See the spiky one's dark side as more Tokyo screens emerge for your visual delight

Yet more goodies from Tokyo this morning as SEGA let slip some screens of Shadow the Hedgehog, due for release this Christmas on GameCube, PS2 and Xbox.

While no new details have been released, we're certainly looking forward to getting to grips with this title, marking the first all format console release for Shadow. Since his first appearance in Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow has been a dark mysterious character, and now players get the chance to control his destiny, with the balance between good and evil in your hands.

Whilst playing the game, every decision you make will affect the game, offering multiple endings depending on how you choose to play. While you battle Dr Eggman, aliens or the G.U.N army through over 50 Missions, your task is to discover your true identity.

Check out the screens for an insight into the game, and of course, we'll have more on Shadow the Hedgehog in the near future.