Ninety-Nine Nights' stupidly impressive visuals

Aren't Phantagram just the mutt's nuts when it comes to next gen titles? Check out Mizuguchi's latest to find out why

Phantagram's next gen offering Ninety-Nine Nights is one of many next gen games on our radar, and certainly one of the most visually impressive Xbox 360 titles. We've stacked together a few of these screenshots to show it in all it's beauty, and we're sure it'll move straight to the top of your most wanted list.

Although details aren't known about the kind of game it'll be, the fact it's developed by Phantagram in conjunction with Tetsuya Mizuguchi of "Rez" fame only adds to our tingling sense of anticipation.

We're putting our money on an action RPG, and in the coming months we'll take a closer look as the time to launch dwindles away. Ninety-Nine Nights sees your world covered in darkness due to the ripping apart of magical orbs that balance light and dark. Mizuguchi has been evangelical about the game, stating that each character will have it's part to play, with each one having their own plot.


Personally, we can't wait for the release of Ninety-Nine Nights, but if, like us you're more than a little impatient to get your paws on, these screens should help to keep you happy until X05 where we hope to learn more.