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PS3 turns off the lights and goes it alone

Atari unveils next generation console return for original Survival Horror series, Alone in the Dark - prepare the reinforced rubber knickers!

Alone in the Dark, released onto an unsuspecting public in 1992, is generally credited with birthing the widely popular Survival Horror games genre, thus making it the third most popular French export behind berets and 'Allo 'Allo, possibly - and now, thanks to Atari, the series is set to make a comeback on the PS3.

Given that the original game is largely responsible for everything from Resident Evil and Silent Hill to Project Zero and Clock Tower we can just about forgive developer I-Motion for not sorting out the controls right at the beginning and forcing us to endure almost ten years of stilted corridor stumbling before Capcom pulled their finger out and tossed Resi 4 our way.

Anyway, despite impressive sales back in the day, the news that Atari plans to resurrect the series for the next generation of home console videogame interaction entertainment experiences (as we like to call it) comes as something of a surprise thanks to the largely lackluster response to Alone in the Dark: A New Nightmare, the fourth game in the series, hitting stores back in 2001 (and let's not forget any permanent damage Uwe Boll may have done to the franchise's integrity through his horrifyingly abysmal movie 'interpretation' of the games).

Still, the series has always added a refreshingly gaelic twist to the slightly over-crowded genre and, if A New Nightmare is anything to go by, Atari does know a thing or two about squeezing out some oppressive atmosphere - we can only imagine what the devs will do with the mighty horsepower of the PS3. Although Alone in the Dark 5 (or whatever it ends up being called) will have its work cut out to impress alongside the already announced Resident Evil 5, we're glad to see the series making a return and hope it can wrestle back the Survival Horror crown for good old Europe.

We'll train our jittering flashlights on any new details and fling them your way, just as soon as they're announced.