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Quake IV

The best of Quake's II and III combine in the awesome Quake IV

Quake IV will rock. Developer iD Software is taking inspiration for the single-player game from the the original and rather ace Quake II, while the unbeatable multiplayer thrills of Quake III are lined up as the ideal model for Quake IV's online aspects. Put it that way and you've got a win-win combination soldier.

Team games, co-op missions, vehicles, robot walkers, glorious shooting and a dark sci-fi storyline will all combine, with up to 16 players competing in online deathmatches and tournaments.

As you may know, the single-player game starts with you dumped in the middle of the ongoing war against the Strogg menace, before an incredible transformation that sees you become part Strogg. It may look similar to Doom 3, but the play-style is the complete opposite of Doom's atmospheric and rather slower pace; Quake IV is all about shooting, all of the time. Think big weapons, buddies to fight alongside, and fantastic enemies in the form of the brutal Strogg.


Quake IV promises fantastic action and multiplayer carnage and is expected to hit an Xbox 360 launch early next year.