Win! Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines and sexy Slimline PS2

Feeling (shot) down in the dumps? Win free stuff and you won't get any (Swiss) bored-er

If you're anything like us, you love getting stuff for free - unless it's an STD, obviously - and that's why you love our competitions. Anyway, the good folk over at Oxygen Interactive are giving you the chance to lay your sweaty palms on Wide Games' forthcoming World War II action stealth 'em up, Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines - AND, if you're lucky, a glorious Slimline PS2.

Pilot Down sees US Airman Bill Foster stranded and alone in Germany during the Winter of 1944 after his plane takes a hit from enemy fire. Playing as Bill, you need to combine lead-shredding gun antics with stealthy progression to survive the elements and overcome the elite German forces in your trek toward the safety of the Swiss border.


Combining third-person action with beautifully-rendered comic book artwork, the game introduces a new style of play where success is dependent on your ability to adapt to extreme weather conditions, preventing fatigue, hypothermia and, ultimately, a slightly frosty death (much like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining, we'd imagine).

While five lucky, and skillfully knowledgeable, readers will receive a copy of the PS2 version of the game by answering the mind-bogglingly tricky question below, one super-lucky reader will get a copy of the game AND a spangly Slimline PS2 flung gracefully into their open arms. Don't forget to say thanks!