Delta Force storms the PSP

Strong rumours of a PSP outing surface but Novalogic keeps schtum with classic 'rumour and speculation' no comment

Following the recent success of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down on PS2 and Xbox, an insider source today revealed that Novalogic is apparently working on another Delta Force franchise for the PSP.

Those of you who picked up either the PS2 or the Xbox version will be well aware of the multiplayer madness that ensues when up to 50 players compete online, as well as the in-depth joys of the single player game. While the PS2 version could easily be ported over to the PSP, our source tells us that an entirely new Delta Force franchise is in the works.

While we've an inkling as to who might be in line to develop the PSP title, we're under penalty of death, so we can't really put you in the picture. We did however contact Novalogic for an official comment, and they had this to say: "Novalogic does not comment on rumour or speculation".

Not exactly enlightening but not an outright dismissal either. We'll keep you updated on further developments as they happen.