Amped 3 rocks in new shots

Your first look at what may become the last best hope for your snowboarding dreams and the first true next-gen boarder

Now that SSX on Tour has gone all ahem ...light on its feet by including *cough* skiing, snowboarders' last best hopes may rest with Amped 3, the third instalment of the estimable Amped series which is now board-sliding its way onto Xbox 360.

Unceremoniously dumped by original publisher Microsoft, the series was swept up by 2K Games and looks set to reprise all the authentic snowboarding action and extremely gorgeous visuals that marked out the original, as well as recreating some of the finest resorts and mountains known to snowboarding humanity.

We have to say we were a little in the dark on what Amped 3 might entail, but we now learn that it will remain true to the series' hardcore snowboarding roots (are you listening EA?) with a snow punk visual look and style and all manner of hardcore mountain challenges.


Very nice it looks too in these first screens from the game and being once Ninja-style snowboarders ourselves (semi-retired now), we're looking for Amped 3 to recapture those glory days on the mountains.

In fact we're hoping for the first Amped 3 movie to arrive imminently, when we'll be able to check its boardy credentials in the flesh. With X05 looming, we also hope to have a quick hands-on to tease and tantalise you with soon too.