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Animal Crossing: Sleep with your friends!

Bunk up, hog the bathroom, steal the milk and keep everyone awake with ridiculous sex noises in Nintendo's DS sequel

As Nintendo preps its Wi-fi Connection service for launch across the world this Christmas, new details have emerged regarding DS title Animal Crossing: Wild World. The follow-up to the GameCube follow-up to the N64 Animal Crossing game will be one of two first party Nintendo titles to take advantage of the company's new online service when it launches - the other being Mario Kart DS.

While Nintendo's loosened its belt for a diarrhetic assault of Mario Kart details lately, the company's been keeping curiously tight-sphinctered about Animal Crossing. However, courtesy of official US Nintendo mag, Nintendo Power, a few juicy new nuggets of info have eased their way onto the internet.

Firstly, as with the GameCube title, up to four players can live in the same village sharing a single DS cart. However, the twist this time around is that, rather than getting your own humble abode to cherish, furnish and ultimately abandon to the elements when you realise spending ten hours pretending to catch videogame fish a day really can't be healthy, all four players are holed up in the same digs.

While only one town-sharing gamer can play at a time, everyone's responsible for decking out the house in fetching ornaments and ridiculous knickknacks, courtesy of Tom Nook down the shop. What's more, house inhabitants are all responsible for paying off that hefty mortgage, meaning you'll get that bigger, roomier home just a little bit quicker - probably just as well now there're three other bodies stinking up the place.

Elsewhere, it seems that the iconic Animal Crossing train station has been dropped in favour of an all-round less exciting series of gates, enabling travel between other LAN and wi-fi villages. The knock-on effect is that guitar strumming hobo K. K. Slider, who liked to serenade travelers as they embarked on their steam-driven jaunts in previous games, has moved up in the world - now putting in regular appearances at his very own club. Whether there's lap-dancing at weekends is currently unspecified.

Animal Crossing: Wild World is set for a US release on December 6 while us Europeans can apparently expect a version early next year. We'll have more details to pass your way just as soon as Nintendo opens its gob.