PES 5 kicks off on October 21

Console versions arrive on October 21 with PC version to follow a week later as Pro Evo and FIFA go head to head

As widely expected, Konami has confirmed that the PS2 and Xbox versions of Pro Evo 5 will be kicking off the new virtual soccer season on October 21st, a mere three weeks after EA's FIFA 06 roars into retail at the end of this month. The PC version of Pro Evo 5 is set to strap on its boots just one week later, with the eagerly awaited Pro Evo 5 PSP expected to hold its fire until November.

Both games are going head-to-head in the battle for the footy gaming public's hearts and minds, with everything now to play for in the title decider. This season looks like being the most titanic clash yet, with Pro Evo looking capable of making significant inroads into FIFA's previous all-encompassing lead.

If you fancy an early scout's look at Pro Evo 5, you should check out the recent PC demo of the game which is widely available from all the usual download suspects. We're gonna put FIFA and Pro Evo head to head for you in a forthcoming feature, but why not let us know which team you favour in the forums below.