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James Bond From Russia with Love

Bond's had his ups and downs on PS2, but in FRWL Bond has never looked better...

Bond's had his ups and downs on PS2. There's been a clutch of average conversions from the Brosnan movies, including last year's disappointing GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. But right now, EA is getting serious about Bond again.

From Russia With Love looks every bit as stylish as the slick Sean Connery classic. There's the bullet-proof Aston Martin which has all the speed, firepower and gadgets of the movie motor. There's even a jetpack which Bond can use, although - Bond fact! - it didn't actually feature in the From Russia With Love movie.

Following the Cold War plot of the film, you'll fight soldiers and sneak around with only a silenced pistol to begin with. There's much more of an adventure element to From Russia With Love compared to previous Bond games, so you'll need to explore levels in more detail. Instead of rushing through a military base with an Uzi in each hand, you'll need to poke around to find the microfilm and work hard to discover a new supply of vital ammo.


The split-screen four-player mode is looking superb and you can even use the vehicles and jetpacks in online deathmatches. With a wealth of extras already in place, Bond has never looked better.