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Tiger Woods on 360 looks really rather good

EA brings wood to our greens. Cue jokes about getting wood, holding long hard sticks and other more...

Finally, some 'real' screenshots of what the game will look like on 360. Not like those silly fake Madden videos or images from the Superbowl trailer. Actual, real in-game not made-up stuff.

Feast your eyes on Tiger as he prepares his ball-whacking implement for the shot. He's going to hit the ball very hard and quite far probably. Maybe get one of those hole in one things. We don't really care about golf, but we like the EA game of the sport. Why?

Last time we played it, we made a giant egg-headed slightly green-skinned weirdo man as our player, and travelled the world sucking at golf. We just liked it because we could play as a really stupid character against all these real life 'serious' characters with a stupid and piss-poor being. And the game has a serious tone which made it *even* funnier.

Almost like an antenna coming out of his head. Oh. More green.

Clearly our parents didn't fail in our upbringing. Anyway, the screenshots are within this very page for you to admire.

The game's release is currently unknown, but the current generation versions are out now in America and October 7th here in Europe.