The Movies reels out 'Weight of the World'

Another new trailer from Lionhead's sim that allows you to unleash your movie directorial genius

Lionhead's new 'Weight of the World' movie showcasing its forthcoming sim The Movies is a fresh example of the type of flick you'll be able to produce while attempting to rocket your fledgling movie studio to stardom.

It's a classic tale of adultery and murder - the new trailer, that is - and with a cliff-hanger ending suggests it's the first in a series of movies, that'll be released in the run-up to the debut of the game in the next coupla months.

Our clapperboards are snapping in excitement - seriously, you should see them go - at the prospect of dabbling with The Movies. Once you've watched the new trailer you can find reel upon reel of further details on the game in our archive right here.

The Movies 'Weight of the World' movie
Download here (19.3Mb, QuickTime)