GTA: LCS - Weapons and Targeting

Rockstar opens up the weapons cache and spills exploding beans on combat in PSP's GTA extravaganza

A couple of weeks back we took a good, hard look at GTA: Liberty Stories on PSP and came away pretty impressed with what Rockstar has managed to squeeze into PSP. It's GTA as you know and love it in your hand, although we were admittedly a little disappointed that Liberty City Stories' playing area is virtually identical to Grand Theft Auto 3 and by the lack of specific gameplay tailoring for on-the-go gaming sessions.

Still, we find it hard to believe that'll put die-hard fans off, fans addicted to the series' freeform gameplay, car-jacking vehicle craziness and combat. And, erm, speaking of combat, by a freak accident we recently happened upon a GTA: Liberty City Stories - Weapons and Targeting feature that Rockstar left in the back on a London cab so we 'borrowed' it (well, actually, Rockstar sent the feature our way today) and it's presented below.



With every Grand Theft Auto, the targeting system is refined to make it feel natural and accurate. In any third person game, combining fluid movement with perfect targeting is a potential problem, so it has been refined as the development teams get more experienced at making these kinds of games. For Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Rockstar Leeds in conjunction with Rockstar North have evolved the targeting system to sit comfortably on the PSP control scheme giving players perhaps the best targeting of any Grand Theft Auto yet.

By pressing the right shoulder button (R), Toni is able to lock onto nearby targets using a 'priority over proximity' system that while targeting the nearest threat first instead of any innocent bystanders. Once locked on, Toni can then toggle through multiple targets using the Left of Right Dpad buttons. This allows Toni to stay locked on and take out multiple threats in rapid succession.

Free aim is also available in Liberty City Stories for precise aiming. After pressing the R Button to draw your weapon you can press Down on the DPad to allow freedom to aim at any target you would like. This is useful for taking out car tires to slow down moving targets as well as things like exploding barrels of fuel that can wipe out multiple targets in one shot.

Utilizing unique duel-use functionality, there is now also the ability to slow down the rate at which the PSP analog stick moves the reticule across the screen by also pressing down the left shoulder button (L) when in free-aim mode. This allows for an even more accurate and precise targeting system in Liberty City Stories than any previous Grand Theft Auto game before it.


And of course Liberty City Stories gives you the ability to perform drive-by shootings. Liberty City Stories allows you several options to customize your button layout making it possible to perform standard drive-bys by using the L and R buttons or even allowing you to use the analog stick to look left or right while in a vehicle.


With the recent waves of violence that have swept Liberty City, Police have struggled to keep up with the sheer number and variety of weapons that they are now having to face. From long range sniper weapons to, armor piercing RPGs to simple hand to hand weapons, police have confiscated an array of over 30 weapons that have become synonymous with crime in Liberty City.

The Chisel: Having put their time in various prisons to good use, it seems that the criminal element of Liberty City have begun popularizing the use of chisels to shank their victims. Easily concealed, these weapons can pass undetected and are the perfect weapon for a kill that won't draw a lot of attention.


Hockey Stick: Taking a cue from the sports world, thugs have been known recently to wield these long sturdy hockey sticks to take a whack at more than just pucks. Easily passed off as just a sports fan's favorite piece of memorabilia, these hockey sticks can get you more than just a few minutes in the penalty box if you're caught using it for "illegal roughage".

Katana: Once the weapons of the noble samurai in ancient Japan, the local Yakuza has decided to 'keep it real' and turn many of their enemies into thinly sliced sashimi with these long, razor sharp swords.

Pistol: Light, compact and dependable, this Austrian engineered Pistol is the perfect sidearm for any made man the go. A new arrival in Liberty City, the Pistol has won many awards for its performance and sleek design.

Semi Automatic Shotgun: This Semi Automatic Shotgun is one of the fiercest shotguns on the market. Originally used by the SWAT teams and police forces to control riots and handle major situations, this semi-automatic rifles heavy and can deliver powerful loads of buckshot in quick succession. An extremely dangerous tool in the ongoing Family Wars of Liberty City, the government is looking the ban this rifle altogether.


M4: This light weight version of the M-16, is capable of a firing rate of 700-1,000 rounds a minute. Once a standard weapon of the US Special Forced, the M4 has quickly become very popular among Liberty Cities Elite Mafia soldiers capable of taking out multiple targets and shredding unarmored cars in a matter of seconds.

Flame Thrower: The flamethrower is certainly one of the most visceral and intimidating weapons ever devised by man. Shooting a thirty-foot column of flaming fuel, the flame thrower can create long lasting fires that burn well after you've made your escape, engulfing everything and anything nearby in searing hot flames.

MiniGun: Originally developed for use mounted on military helicopters, this devastating weapon was popularized by the movie "Predator" in 1987. It has electrically-driven rotating barrels and an absolutely incredibly high rate of fire when maxed to its full potential and is capable of mowing down everything in path in hail of bullets. With great power however, comes, a price. The minigun is extremely heavy and difficult to wield, making it fairly impractical to tote around on a regular basis and thus a rare find in Liberty City.