Two God of War sequels planned

A new PS2 version should be available next year with a next-gen version also apparently in the works

Reports coming out of the US magazine press appear to be indicating that two sequels to the spectacular PS2 hack and slash 'em 'up God of War are in the offing.

According to reports in Electronic Gaming Monthly, the first unnamed God of War sequel will appear next year for the PS2, while a further sequel will catapult straight onto PS3 at some point in the future.

Being partial to a spot of mythological Greek fantasy butchery and hot combo-licious action, we have to say it'd be a more than welcome return for Kratos and his dual flashing blades. Still there's no official announcement yet, so further details are understandably scant. Mind you it'd be a real surprise if God of War sequels weren't planned or underway as it was one of the stand out titles on the PS2 this year. We'll keep our Gorgon's gaze tuned for further developments.