Call of Duty 2 Desert Rats movie

Fix bayonets for the assault on El Daba - a movie which gives you a taster of the full on Call of Duty 2 action to come...

Hm, there must be something in the air today, as not only do we have a Call of Duty 2: Big Red One interview gracing the site for Xbox and PS2 owners, but Activision, in its wisdom, has also chosen to unleash a brand new Call of Duty 2 move, showing some of the splendid desert action from the PC/360 sequel.

Taken from the British campaign and the Desert Rats' assault on the Afrika Korps-held town of El Daba, the WMV movie weighs in at a bargain 4.79Mb and gives you a taster of some of the marvellous CoD2 action in prospect.

We had a quick bash on CoD2 over at Activision's recent launch event in Poland and we have to say it's shaping up to be mighty fine indeed. We were admittedly big fans of the first CoD, but the improved visuals, excellent teammate AI and more open level design and gameplay has got us convinced that this is going to be a corker. Multiplayer's even more of a blast too and, for our money, your only real decision should be whether you'll get it on Xbox 360 or PC - or for the truly dedicated, both.

Call of Duty 2 movie - WMV 4.79 Mb
Download here