World Of Mana comes to DS

Square Enix finally lets loose with its World of Mana plans and there's a DS title in the works, amongst other things

There've been RPG rumblings regarding the next entries in Square Enix's classic Mana series of games ever since the company announced World of Mana earlier this year and then promptly refused to unveil any further details. Now however, Square's finally lifted the lid on the first bunch of titles that are lining up to form a veritable cross-platform opus of Mana goodness.

According to Japanese gaming mag Jump Magazine (hands up if you were anticipating a hearty 'Famitsu' there), two World of Mana titles are now officially in the works, with the most advanced in terms of development being a traditional 2D RPG game for the DS. Titled Seiken Densetsu DS: Children of Mana, it's scheduled to hit Japanese shelves some time in 2006.

A fully 3D game is also on the cards and, unlike the DS game, looks to be a proper sequel in the Mana series. Square's lips are sealed about which platforms we can expect the game on at the moment and additional details are scarce. However, it doesn't look like we'll have too long to wait before all is finally revealed. Fingers crossed.