Football Manager 2006 out October 21

Sega sets a date for the next instalment in Sports Interactive's football management sim. Plus: demo available

Sega has confirmed that Sports Interactive's Football Manger 2006 will be out on October 21 for PC and Mac. The end.

Actually, there's a bit more to tell you. Along with announcing the release date for FM 2006, Sega has also informed us that the Gold Demo (that sounds really special) can be downloaded at (or below - see next lovely paragraph). Grab the demo and you'll get to play a half season of the game "and at last find out about the raft of improvements that SI have brought in over the summer!" Hurrah!

Oh, and there's two versions of the demo. Vanilla version (which you can download from us right here at this link) gets you the English and Scottish leagues, with English language only, while the juicy Strawberry version is many megabytes of football management ecstasy with eight languages catered for and 16 leagues to try out.

Football Manager 2006 boasts a ruck of new gameplay features and a mighty database bursting with, er, data, like an over-inflated football sat on by Jabba the Hutt, with over 270,000 players and staff, 5,000-plus playable teams and 50 countries' leagues.