New Operation Flashpoint: Elite media

Guns, bombs, screens and a movie. What more could you want from a news item? Aside from ice cream and nudity, obviously

Here are some Operation Flashpoint: Elite screenshots. They show you what the game looks like. If you're a fan of the original Operation Flashpoint on PC, chances are, you'll like this too.

Alongside all the familiar guns and war business, developer Bohemia Interactive has slung in a whole slew of new features for the game's Xbox incarnation, including over 50 multiplayer missions for use on Xbox Live.

Once you've clicked madly on all the screenshots, why not revel in the multimedia frenzy that is the Operation Flashpoint: Elite trailer at the foot of the page? And when you've done THAT, you can go buy the game from November onwards, should you be so inclined.

Operation Flashpoint: Elite trailer
Download here (22.4MB, AVI)